SLF Horse Auction - September 2022, loose jumpers & ridden jumpers (2-5yrs old) , ending 20-09 (9PM CET)

SLF Horse Auction - September 2022, loose jumpers & ridden jumpers (2-5yrs old) , ending 20-09 (9PM CET)

Ended on Sep 20, 2022, 10:27 PM

5 sport horses, 15 young horses, 1 hunter

Status: Closed
Conditions: Click here
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The FULL Brother of Nixon van't Meulenhof, Same Dam as Emerald van't Ruytershof!!!

1. Supernova

Denzel van 't Meulenhof x Carthago Z

°2018 Stallion Young horse

Napoleon van het Mezenhof

Quality! From the Family of Swing de Landetta (1.60m) & For Fendi (1.45m)!

2. Napoleon van het Mezenhof

Nixon van 't Meulenhof x For Pleasure

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Simba de L'Amitié Z

Youthful Jumping Giant! Out of the Dam Line of VDL Groep Eureka (1.60m) & Malibu de Muze (1.65m)

3. Simba de L'Amitié Z

Hunter's Scendro x Elvis ter Putte

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Excuse Me HH Z

Phenomenal Jumper! From the Family of Wildcard Z (1.60m) & Center (1.50m)

4. Excuse Me HH Z

Emerald van 't Ruytershof x For Pleasure

°2019 Stallion Young horse

Tarentino van de Trepkes

Mouth-Watering Scope & Technique! Out of the Family of Kito Epleaser (1.60m)!

5. Tarentino van de Trepkes

Chacoon Blue x Ugano Sitte

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Sam de Mariposa

Jumps Like a Cat! Directly from the Dam Line of Flora de Mariposa (1.60m)!

6. Sam de Mariposa

Eames de Hus x Diamant de Semilly

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Hamilton Z

No Scope No Hope! Out of the Family of Heart Touch (1.50m) & Captain (1.60m)

8. Hamilton Z

Halifax van het Kluizebos x Vingino

°2018 Stallion Sport horse


Attitude, Sharpness & Athleticism!

9. Ubangi

Untouchable x Kannan GFE

°2019 Gelding Young horse


A Light-Footed Quality Horse! From the Same Dam as Nox Blue vd Hertogen (1.50m)

10. Saffier

Ermitage Kalone x Obsession B

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

Turchetto ter Leydonk

Beauty & Scope! Out of the Family of Diktator (1.60m) & Idalgo (1.50m)

11. Turchetto ter Leydonk

Comme d'Api vd Hacienda x Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve

°2019 Gelding Young horse

One to Watch

This is One to Watch! Scope, Sharpness and Light!

12. One to Watch

Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Ultimo

°2019 Mare Young horse

Cinco Z

A Jumping Cannon With Lots of Blood!

13. Cinco Z

Comilfo Plus Z x Calvados Z

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Soulmate DK Z

Jumps the Highest Jumps with Ease! From the Family of Q and Q (1.60m) & Superwoman (1.60m)

14. Soulmate DK Z

Malito de Reve x Untouched

°2019 Mare Young horse

Classified Z

Splendor and Jumping Power! From a Family that Already Produced Several 1.50m/1.60m Horses!

15. Classified Z

Casall x Contendro I

°2019 Gelding Hunter

Chin Tonic

A Proven Pedigree! Family of LB Convall (1.70m)

16. Chin Tonic

Chin Chin x For Fashion

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Kira van Laren Z

I Jump Like a Bomb & My Great-Grandmother is Candy (1.60m) from Pieter Devos

17. Kira van Laren Z

Kallmar VDL x Bamako de Muze

°2019 Mare Young horse

Rockstar EH Z

Comfort & Perspective! Out of 1.45m dam Deliah Z

18. Rockstar EH Z

Nixon van 't Meulenhof x Darco

°2017 Gelding


Sharp & Unlimited Scope! From the Family of Felitia (1.60m) & Jacobien vd Dwerse Hagen (1.60m)

19. Showman

Comme d'Api vd Hacienda x Querlybet Hero

°2019 Gelding Young horse

Chica Tandhof

All The Scope and Perfect Technique! From the Dam Line of Game Boy (1.60m) & VDL Groep Santana (1.60m)

20. Chica Tandhof

Chacfly PS x Hornet Rose

°2019 Mare Young horse

Ulas van de Bisschop

Young talent from the dam line of Acodetto (1.60m) & Avion (1.60m)

22. Ulas van de Bisschop

Comme d'Api vd Hacienda x Elvis ter Putte

°2020 Stallion Young horse

Onora J

No Standard is Too High For This One!

23. Onora J

Dallas VDL x Goodtimes

°2019 Mare Young horse

Q-Naerobic Z

This One Jumps the Church!

24. Q-Naerobic Z

Quabri de L'isle x Ganzelot

°2018 Gelding Sport horse

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